Singer Avril in trouble over Jacque Maribe

Hypocrisy reloaded.. Monica Kimani sympathisers say..

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Singer Avril Nyambura was recently on the receiving end of her followers after sharing a photo of Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe’s son Zahari.

The ‘In Love’ hitmaker was hard pressed to explain why she posted the child’s snap on Instagram to which she said the picture of the little one ‘spoke to her’.

Jacque Maribe and her fiance Joseph Irungu AKA Jowie are the prime suspects in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani and are being held by police.

The controversial picture is that of the Jacque’s 4-year-old holding onto a portrait of his mother that is mounted on a wall.

“This is exactly what Monica’s mum is doing when she gets to see her photo.. At least for Jackie, she is still alive…Justice for Monica…” njeri_gichuhi quipped.

“Totally agree..both situations are so disheartening. I saw this picture and it spoke to me.” Avril responded.

Adding, “Couldn’t and still can’t even begin to imagine what I’d do/feel if my boy had to go through this regardless of whether I was guilty of anything or innocent of everything.”

“..Or had to leave earth and leave my boy .. I’d be a restless soul for all of eternity..” She said.

However, her decision to post that photo was deemed inappropriate by some fans who felt that it was not fair to post Maribe’s son without her consent while she, Avril fiercely protects her son.

“Guilty or not, children should be protected. It is unfortunate that we choose to expose this innocent boy at such critical times especially with the insensitivity going around on social media and the nature of the case. I understand the intentions were good but the consequences won’t be.” _d.i.d.a.h_ told Avril.

The reaction from fans comes a few days after Avril revealed to Parents Magazine why she is turning down deals and hiding her son’s face and full name from social media.

“When he is old enough and chooses the public light for himself, then that’s okay. Until then it’s a no for me,” she explained.