NAIJA GOSPEL MIX 2015 BY DJ WOLEX – Psalmos, Izzy, Frank Edwards, Sammie Okposo, Smart Chris

Nigeria is blessed with artists, both for secular and gospel songs. However, as there were thousands of hip hop mixes of Naija songs on the web, only few Gospel-songs mixes could be found. Those found were either not well mixed or too short to enjoy. Hence, this mix is meant to address that.
Pls ENJOY it to the fullest. Download it, rip it and don’t forget to buy the CDs of those artist that performed the songs. God bless y’all.
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Track List:
1. Chairman by Psalmos
2. Rababa by Izzy
3. Champion by C4 featuring Gaise baba
4. Na your leg by Minima_LR
5. Twege by Irene Ojas
6. We lift Him Up by Mojisola Adenuga
7. Uyoyo by Fortune Ebel
8. The way you love me by Frank edwards
9. Okaka by Frank Edwards
10. Iyoyo by JudeSax
11. S.Y.P. II by SammieOkposo
12. Ti Ti Lai Lai by Charles Granville
13. Big by Agboola Shadare
14. My Music by Anny
15. Awesome God by Smart Chris
16. You are Worthy by Dannie
17. Sound Code by Frank Edwards, Gil, Soltune, Victor Ike
18. Praise Jamz by Ada-Ft-Reigny Franklin
19. Because You Came by MUNACHi
20. Oba Tiwa by RealVictoroba
21. Ubangiji by Christ Rydaz Feat. Steve Williz
22. Hallelujah by Dr Lanre Teriba
23. Omewoya by
24. Way Maker by Monique
25. Abasi Ayaya by Chisther
26. Kuwiye by DestinychildT ESEQLIC
27. Jesus Disco by dmcfrn
28. Number One by Toeyoursea
29. Sugar by Ada
30. So by Celeboi
31. On my Mind by Hope Levi
32. Xtreme Praise by Kelly Lyon
33. Number One by Opeyemi( Womp)
34. Orin Tuntun by Psalmos
35. See Love by T.I.V.
36 Nakawo by Gwomson
37. Fly High by TimGodfrey79
38.Eleda Mi by Olamide

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